Back-To-School Design Trends For School Shirts And Uniforms

Brook Morris
September 1, 2020

In this article we’re showcasing some of the latest trends and deals in school shirts and uniforms to help you and your kids be ready for this unusual semester!

school shirts and uniforms are a big part of what Ares Sportswear does!

School life consists of lifelong memories, friends and teachers that help mold the future of our children, and one of the most important aspects of school life is spiritwear and uniforms.

There are countless private schools throughout the country that are continuously developing their uniforms to abide by the latest fashion trends while still maintaining a sense of discipline, and for public schools there are always new school shirts and spiritwear items coming out each semester. But no matter if it’s a private or public school district, administrators are always keeping in mind new fashion trends to make sure that their school’s image is continuously developing in a positive trajectory.

All of us at Ares Sportswear understand how the 2020 fall semester is completely different than anything we’ve ever experienced before, and we also subsequently understand how it’s now more important than ever for student and faculty bodies to come together in unity and say we’re here for each other through spiritwear and other COVID-19 oriented fashion trends. We’ve made sure to remain on the cutting edge of the custom apparel industry since the beginning of the pandemic, and we’re very proud to be an industry leader in custom masks and face coverings, as well as bulk orders of disposable masks, for the countless school districts we support throughout Ohio and the whole country!

One of our latest innovations in terms of custom apparel oriented around the pandemic is our Badger Mask Tee that has a built-in facial covering sewn into the neck of the shirt! Here’s a video to get a better glimpse at this ground-breaking apparel that’ll inevitably be important for student-athletes this fall:

Design Trends For School Shirts And Uniforms

There are always new fashion trends permeating throughout the school shirt and uniform industry that influence designs, and this is predominately because student interests are constantly changing season by season. Modernization and style have never been more important when it comes to teenage and child fashion, and it seems like every piece of apparel is taking on new changes this year!

Some of the latest design trends for school shirts and uniforms include the following:


Pattern trends in school shirts and uniforms are always changing, and this is mainly because schools are constantly trying to maintain a competitive edge over their neighboring/competitive schools. Every school wants to maintain unique patterns within their school shirts and uniforms that abide by the latest fashion trends, but of course staying up with these trends can be difficult without the help of industry leaders like Ares Sportswear!

When it comes to pattern, you should always make sure that you’re maintaining an attractive finish that you know your students and faculty members will enjoy wearing. This can sometimes be easier said than done with private school uniforms, but our experts will be able to guide you through every step of these processes!

Some design trends with school shirt/uniform patterns include graphic t-shirts and hoodies that include a school’s logo and other personalized designs. Although many schools prefer to have rather basic color bases for their spiritwear, simple stripes/athleisure and colorful camouflage designs are also up-and-coming patterns!


Improving the overall quality of school shirts/uniforms is always a major concern for school administrators, and in 2020 material quality is a growing design trend that is helping boost student morale within both public and private schools.

Some modernization trends with quality include more breathable, synthetic shirt materials like polyester for team practice shirts, as well as general spiritwear tees. All of us at Ares Sportswear understand how school districts and administrators definitely want to provide high-quality shirts/uniforms for their students, but the biggest obstacle for them is price. This is why we’ve developed 3 unique deals for school t-shirts that can embody hundreds of unique customizable designs, and you can learn more about this deal by viewing the following video:

One trend that is continuing to build traction in terms of quality for student-athletes is breathable base layers, which can also be rather easily customized. These types of base layers are particularly crucial for football and soccer teams that go through seasons that stretch into November and December. In the past most schools wouldn’t provide these types of base layers, but this is very quickly changing as coaches and trainers are realizing that the overall quality of these base layers helps keep athletes warm, and can provide that competitive edge when your teams need it most come playoff time!


School shirts and uniforms should always be stylish in a way that appeals to children and teenagers, and it goes without saying that part of the overall modernization of these trends in school fashion directly coincides with style.

All students want their own personal image to be positive, and old-fashioned designs in school shirts and uniforms can sometimes give off a bad impression that negatively affects student morale! That’s why it’s so crucial for school administrators and board members to understand some of the latest design trends in student style, and some of these stylish trends include the following:

  • Athleisure attire like joggers, comfy shirts and tracksuits are growing in popularity amongst students nationwide. There are even many types of athleisure apparel that molds the boundary between more formal leisurewear, so apparel like joggers is also becoming a growing trend for private school uniforms as well!
  • Shimmering accents that give off a bold statement are also growing in style for cheerleaders, dance teams, school bands and many other student groups. There are countless ways to provide this type of unique, custom shimmer to school apparel, and our team of experts are here to support your initiatives towards providing these types of bold statements!
  • Layers are also a growing stylish trend for school shirts and uniforms, and many schools are opting for built-in, long sleeve shirts for more than just baseball teams these days! ¾-sleeve shirts are a growing fall trend that schools can get behind for spiritwear that feels great in both the fall and spring months!

What Else Should Your School Shirts/Uniforms Have?

When it comes to creating the perfect school shirt or uniform, there’s a lot more than just design trends to keep in mind, including the following:

  • Comfort: Comfort is always a major factor when it comes to designing a really great school shirt/uniform, and the overall comfort of a shirt will be pretty clear at first glance, so in some ways it does coincide directly with aesthetics. Your school shirts and uniforms should always put the overall comfort of your students and faculty members first, because feeling great is just as important as looking great!
  • Durability: Although the overall price of a school shirt/uniform will be one of the more obvious indications of the apparel’s overall worth, a less obvious factor is the apparel’s durability. Durability is always directly correlated to quality, so if a school shirt/uniform is made of high-quality materials then it should also subsequently last a long time.
  • Color Contrast: The overall aesthetics of a great school shirt/uniform should consist of a good-looking color contrast. This means it shouldn’t be all-encompassing within any particular contrast, but should provide a solid combination of sobering and exciting colors!

Reach Out To The Ares Sportswear Team For More Information About Custom Designs For School Shirts and Uniforms!

Your school will never fully reach its spiritwear or uniform potential without the assistance of experienced experts within the custom apparel industry, and the overall experience of the Ares Sportswear team is what helps set us apart throughout our industry. We’re more than confident that we’ll be able to help you through every step of the design process and help bring your school shirts and uniforms to a whole new level!

So always feel free to reach out to us online or call us at 800-439-8614 today to get in touch with our team who can help answer any questions/concerns you have about creating the perfect design for your school this fall!