The Do’s And Don’ts Of Developing Custom Baseball Uniforms

Brook Morris
January 11, 2021

It’s that time of the year to start thinking about the upcoming baseball season through custom baseball uniforms, so here are our custom apparel expert tips!

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Although we’ve just celebrated the turning of the New Year into 2021, it’s safe to say that springtime is just around the corner. That means that youth baseball athletes are already starting to train indoors as they prepare for next season, and that team administrators are now beginning to plan out the development of their latest custom baseball uniforms.

What youth baseball players wear on and off the field undoubtedly plays a major role in how they view the game, and every kid wants to feel like a real ballplayer when they put on a stylish uniform, sportie hoodie or short sleeve hoodie. This type of feeling that comes with custom baseball apparel helps foster a genuine love for the sport, which tends to last long after the kids are done playing!

Fostering a genuine love for baseball in today’s youth is of course a really important factor to keep in mind, especially considering that some people say baseball is declining in popularity.

So what the ARES Sportswear team has done is develop the below guide towards designing custom baseball uniforms and custom apparel options, which can help you better ensure that your baseball team looks especially sharp this spring!

Placing The Foundation Of Your Baseball Jersey Design In Color

The two most popular baseball shirt options within our online inventory include the Badger Vintage jersey and the Badger Ombre Tee, and these tops are commonly paired up with our Crush Baseball Pant.

All three of these popular custom baseball apparel options provide a lot of room for customization, and our design team will always be there for you through every step of this process.

But here are just a few design tips to keep in mind as you’re considering which colors to choose for your baseball jerseys and custom apparel:

DO Consider Powder Blue

Powder blue just so happens to be a very vintage 80s color that’s now blowing up in popularity in today’s youth baseball world, and even some Big League teams are bringing back powder blue as a part of their alternative jersey colors.

We think that a lot of youth baseball programs would benefit a great deal from implementing powder blue color schemes into their custom apparel and jerseys this spring!

DON’T Go With All-Black

There of course are plenty of baseball teams that implement at least a little bit of black into their jerseys and custom apparel, which there’s absolutely nothing wrong with at all! Black is a rather intimidating color, which can provide some added advantages while your team is standing over the plate ready to hit one out of the park!

But the biggest issue with all-black baseball jerseys is that they tend to put players at a disadvantage due to the dark colors absorbing the sunlight too much. No one wants their team to feel overheated when the temperatures start to rise in May, so do your team a favor and choose some colors that are more reflective towards the sun’s powerful UV rays!

DON’T Go All-White, Either

Although white jerseys are really popular in the Big Leagues and do a great job at keeping players cool on hot days, it’s important for youth baseball teams to be a little realistic in that they’re not going to have their jerseys professional cleaned on a daily basis like the pros.

Stains are always going to happen each and every game, it’s just a part of baseball, so choosing white jerseys will definitely put a little bit more pressure on parents to keep jerseys ready for the next game.

DO Consider Grey Jerseys

Grey truly is the happy medium between white and black, and they’re a great foundation for at least one of a baseball team’s uniforms. Many Big League teams have a grey base for their Away jerseys, and grey will always do a great job at reflecting heat and not being too difficult in terms of stains.

Grey also can easily be matched with just about any other color, which is always a good idea for league administrators that need to make sure that every team has a stylish alternative jersey.  

Tips For Styling Up Your Baseball Custom Apparel Via Graphics, Letters, Etc.

Baseball custom apparel is all about graphics and bold lettering, and these traditions within the sport are part of what makes designing jerseys and custom apparel options so fun for baseball teams!

Here are some of our tips when it comes to styling up your baseball custom apparel:

DO Consider Pinstripes

Pinstripes are always a staple when it comes to baseball jersey designs, and your team truly can never go wrong when you consider this timeless design approach. There’s something about wearing pinstripes on a baseball diamond that makes players feel official, like real ballplayers getting themselves ready for the Big Leagues!

Everyone feels special in pinstripes, so this is a good jersey design option to help foster your team’s appreciation for the game and their role towards victory. Pinstripes are also great options for teams that are without a doubt going to get white uniforms, and this is because they’ll make potential stains much less noticeable and distracting.

Black pinstripes also look great with grey jerseys as well!

DON’T Utilize Over-The-Top Graphics

Graphics are of course really great aspects of baseball jersey and custom apparel design, but it’s important to make sure that your logos and graphics are always proportionately sized so they look good in every size and on every player.

The best tip we can provide in terms of graphics is either place the graphic within the left chest area, or do a full-width graphic that doesn’t go below the belly button.

DO Consider Printing Numbers And Player Names

Jersey and custom apparel customization for each player is always a good strategy when it comes to providing a baseball team with some added confidence on and off the field.

It’s not hard to imagine just how cool it is to play baseball in a jersey with your last name and favorite number on the back of it, and you’ll be surprised by just how far this type of customization can go in terms of giving players that extra bit of confidence to get a clutch base hit when they’re behind in the count!

DO Consider Script Fonts

Vintage, curvy-looking fonts are a baseball tradition, and they just so happen to be the best-looking fonts in the sport. These fonts are essentially what makes a baseball jersey a baseball jersey, so always consider a vintage appearance that’s still relatively easy to read.

There are of course many different things you can put in this type of jersey script, and some teams choose their town/school’s name, while others like to put a nickname or mascot in this portion of their jersey. There are also many instances in which team sponsors like to have their name on this portion of the jersey.

But no matter what you choose to do with your font, making sure you’re utilizing the perfect font will always go a long way in terms of ensuring a baseball jersey with traditionally awesome aesthetics!

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