6 Best Screen Printing Locations For Your Custom T-Shirts

Brook Morris
May 19, 2021

The ARES team is here to help you make the most out of your custom t-shirts by providing screen printing tips!


custom t-shirts that are screen printed by ARES Sportswear

When it comes to screen printing on custom t-shirts for your sports team or any organization, there truly are no creative limits! What’s great about working with ARES Sportswear for your custom t-shirt orders is that we’re a group of custom apparel industry specialists that have decades of experience when it comes to developing all sorts of high-quality t-shirts that work great for every organization.

What we’ve done within this blog is compile 6 of the very best screen printing locations for your custom t-shirts, and always feel free to reach out to us online to get in touch with our design team who can answer your questions and put your next t-shirt order on the right track towards an awesome design!

1. Left Chest

The left chest area of a t-shirt may be somewhat small, but it truly is mighty in terms of a screen printing location. This is the perfect location for a logo for athletic programs and business staff members, and it also works great for other types of custom apparel like polos, ¼ zips and much more.

The left chest area of a shirt is always a very tasteful place to insert a screen printed design, and this area provides a great sense of professionalism as well due to it not demanding too much eye attention.

Because these prints are typically pretty small, it’s always a good idea to keep your design ideas simple. A complex logo may be difficult to see when it comes to certain details that are this small, so about 3-4 inches and proper proportioning should work well for all of your shirt sizes!

2. Middle Chest

Whether you’re looking to order custom hoodies, sweatshirts or t-shirts, the middle chest is by far one of the most popular locations for a screen printed logo or design.

This screen print location is much larger than the left chest but still smaller than a full front print, which makes it the perfect happy medium design size for a lot of teams and organizations. This is a good screen print location if your logo has some intricate or complex details, which also makes it a good place for slogans, text and all sorts of mid-sized designs.

The typical length for a middle chest screen print will be around 6-10 inches across the chest.

3. Full Front

Full front screen prints are a classic location that will undoubtedly work for a lot of custom apparel needs, and this screen print option is great for when you want your design to be BIG and seen by everyone.

Tank-tops, t-shirts, hoodies and other apparel options that don’t have a zipper will work great for this large type of print area; and you can count on the ARES design specialists to help you when it comes to developing a design that will do wonders at drawing in people’s eyes and overall curiosity.

When you go this big for your apparel design, you should keep in mind that this design option will require more ink and will subsequently cause the shirt to weigh a little bit more. This can cause some potential discomfort, which is why inverted logos and designs may work better due to less ink usage.

But of course when it comes to a full front logo/design, it’s totally up to you in terms of how you want the shirt to look and feel!

4. Back Collar

The back collar just so happens to be a really popular printing location for custom t-shirts, and this location works great for logos and fashion statements on all sorts of custom apparel options.

These designs will be small like left chest prints, so it should entail simpler artwork to accommodate for the lack of space. Around 2-4 inches in width should work wonders when it comes to promoting your team or business in a stylish way that will subtly draw in people’s attention!

5. Middle Back

The middle back is similar to the middle chest in that it’s a great place of mid-sized designs. A lot of teams and groups of all kinds will utilize middle back prints to showcase a team slogan or saying that looks great and provides spirit/morale boosts.

This print will go across the shoulder blades, and about 12 inches of width is all you’ll ever need for standard sizes. Middle back prints will undoubtedly be a great place for all sorts of mid-sized designs, and they provide a great added aesthetic to coincide with front prints!

6. Full Back

The full back is a very creative screen printing option that showcases all sorts of creativity, and what differentiates the full back from the full front is one thing: purpose.

After all, if you’re considering a print on the back then you’re certainly going to have a print on the front as well. A common example of providing purpose to a full back print would be having a logo on the front of a t-shirt and contact info like a phone number and website URL on the back, as well as other catchy designs!

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