Tips For Choosing The Best Cheerleading Uniforms And Custom Apparel

Brook Morris
July 26, 2021

Next school year is only a month away, so it’s time to get your custom cheer apparel and uniforms ready for next season!

Cheer custom apparel and cheer uniforms from ARES Sportswear

Although we may be in the middle of July, school will be back in session in just about a month! That means it’s time to get your cheerleading squad ready for football season, and the ARES Sportswear team is here to help you with our incredible selection of custom cheer apparel.

We’ll be able to provide you and your squad with everything you’ll need for a successful school year, including:

All of us at ARES understand how daunting cheer uniform and custom apparel shopping can be for squad leaders, but you should know that our cheer specialists are here to support you throughout this process and ensure that you’re getting the best deals possible.

Being a cheerleading coach requires the pressure of selecting the best uniforms, and you should always remember that your uniforms are a direct reflection upon your squad’s standards. That’s why we’re providing seven crucial tips for cheer coaches to keep in mind as they’re getting their uniforms and custom apparel ready for next season!

7 Tips To Consider While Shopping For Custom Cheer Apparel

The following are seven tips that cheer coaches and school administrators should keep in mind while they’re considering new custom cheer apparel options:

1. Budget

The first thing you should always do while developing a custom cheer apparel campaign is estimate the overall amount that you and your cheer families are willing to spend.

This is particularly important because it’ll help you more efficiently narrow down your best options that meet your unique requirements. The good news is that ARES provides all sorts of set deals for bulk orders, which will go a long way in saving you and your parents a ton of cash!

2. Fabric

The overall importance of fabric within cheer uniforms and custom apparel can never be understated, and this is mainly because you’ll need to ensure that you’re purchasing a material that’s comfortable and flexible. It’s also important to keep in mind that certain cheer apparel fabrics can be machine washed and others will require hand washing.

It’s also important to note that some fabrics simply won’t be durable enough to last through one or multiple seasons, which may require uniform replacements more frequently than you may want.

Our cheer apparel experts will help you guarantee that you’re getting the best ROI for your uniform purchases, and that your cheerleaders are comfortable and more than capable of completing all of their incredible maneuvers during the big games!

3. Rules

The vast majority of schools will have their own rules/regulations oriented around cheerleading uniforms. A common example of this would be the uniform length needing to be a beyond a specified length.

It’s always important for coaches and athletic department administrators to let us know about these types of dress code requirements prior to making any uniform selections.

4. Comfort

Cheer apparel comfort will mainly depend upon things like the style of the dress, the fabric type, and the manufacturing method for the uniform or custom apparel. A good tip to keep in mind when it comes to comfort is that your cheer apparel’s fabric should be high-quality, and each uniform should easily fit to every cheerleader’s body type.

It’s always important to value comfort over style, because your cheerleaders will need to be fully capable of completing their routines without any kind of suffering. Your cheer team’s apparel must also provide for a full range of motion, because any outfit that changes shape during a performance is a definite no-go!

5. Visual Flow

Visual flow is another big factor to keep in mind for your cheerleading uniforms and custom apparel, and a good rule to follow here is ensuring that the main focal point of the uniform is on the cheerleader’s face.

From the face, the visual flow should be streamlined down the upper torso area to the leg and footwear areas. This means that it’s important to ensure perfect aesthetics to help guarantee the uniform’s full effect on your audience.

6. Design

A cheer uniform’s design will be unique for every squad, but every coach should ensure that the design has a solid construction and doesn’t allow undergarments to show through. This also means that your squad will need to keep proper underwear types in mind for each performance.

It’s important to minimize any errant panty lines, bra straps or bust pads peaking through a cheer uniform. Every cheerleader is going to need to wear athletic undergarments to simply suppress the necessary jiggling and bouncing of body parts, so minimizing any immodest views is a big factor for coaches and administrators to keep in mind.

7. Age

You should also make sure that you’re choosing cheer apparel that’s age appropriate for your squad.

If your squad is in the middle school age bracket or younger, then it may be best to consider longer skirts and full-length tops. It’s also important to avoid any materials that are too clingy.

Any cheer uniforms that are too mature for a specific squad will end up distracting from their performance, and our team will help you ensure that you’re drawing in attention in the right ways.

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