The Differences Between Men And Women’s Hoodies

Brook Morris
September 6, 2021

Although many hoodies are unisex, there are some unique factors for both men and women’s hoodies

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Active wear apparel is always supposed to be very versatile and functional, but there aren’t many types of apparel that are more versatile than hoodies.

From chilly mornings when you want to start your day with outdoor activities to hanging out with friends, hoodies really are an adaptable apparel piece that range from casual wear to full-on workout attire. Hoodies are also becoming popular choices for people on cooler summer nights, which make them a year-round apparel choice.

At ARES Sportswear, custom hoodies are one of our specialties, because we know just how awesome it is for high school and club athletes to rep their team spirit on and off the field in stylish ways!

It’s true that many types of hoodies are unisex in nature, but there are certain hoodies that are oriented towards women and men specifically. Below we’ll be going over the three main differences between men’s and women’s hoodies, including:

  • Shape/Size
  • Fit
  • Zipper Placement

Size Is A Key Differentiating Factor

The most obvious difference between women and men’s hoodie designs are the overall sizing options. Women’s hoodies will generally run much smaller as compared to men’s sizes, so reach out to an account rep who has product knowledge to help you better understand which sizes will work best for your team’s needs.

Unisex hoodies usually run true to size, so we advise to size up for a women’s fit.

Many years ago hooded sweatshirts were generally formless and pretty baggy, but today’s modern hoodies are much different. Hoodies have now become much more stylish and streamlined no matter if you’re going for unisex, men’s or women’s options!

Unique Shapes For Different Body Types

Men and women will many times prefer different shapes for their clothing based upon their actual physicality and what feels most comfortable. This is why non-unisex hoodies are typically tailored to reflect these design preferences.

Women’s athletic hoodies are designed to feel more natural along curvier bodies, while men’s athletic hoodies are generally more rectangular in shape. Women’s hoodies are also many times more snug-fitting as compared to men’s hoodies that are generally looser. However, there are many exceptions to this!

Zipper tabs have also traditionally been a little different on zip-up hoodies between men and women’s styles, but today this differentiation is less common.

Unisex Hoodies Are Always A Great Option For Any Team

One of the reasons why many sports teams will choose unisex hoodies is because they’re generally a very versatile option. Unisex hoodies are usually similar to men’s hoodie designs, and a lot of them utilize stretchable fabric to ensure proper conformity to a woman’s curves.

A lot of athletes today will even prefer unisex designs instead of hoodie designs specifically made for either men or women, which is why unisex hoodies are some of our top sellers.

Some of our most popular unisex hoodie options include:

Hoodies are a lot like other clothing in that finding your perfect match will many times depend upon your personal fit and style preferences. The most important thing about your new hoodies is that your athletes should feel comfortable while wearing them, and this pertains to comfort during training sessions and relaxing during free time.

The Quality Of Your Custom Hoodies Matters, So Reach Out To The ARES Sportswear Custom Apparel Specialists For More Information!

No matter what hoodie style you end up choosing, the overall quality and functionality of your hoodies will be what matters most.

ARES Sportswear has been a custom apparel industry leader for over 30 years, so we’ve seen just how much hoodies have developed and grown in popularity over the years. Your athletes, students and co-workers deserve a hoodie that’s been engineered by some of the best apparel minds in the world, and professional customization from ARES will bring your hoodies to a whole new level!

Reach out to us online to get in touch with our team and let us know what you’re looking for with your next order of custom hoodies!