Check Out Our Popular Face Masks To Keep Your Students Safe At School During The Current Omicron Surge

Brook Morris
January 17, 2022

In-person learning has seen a recent setback due to the Omicron variant, but ARES Sportswear is here to help keep your students safe with custom face masks!

Custom face masks are important for all students and faculty this back-to-school season

The recent Omicron COVID-19 variant has very quickly become the dominant variant throughout the United States over the course of the past couple months, and today many school districts and administrations are re-implementing mask wearing requirements to keep students and faculty as safe as possible during the spring semester.

All of us at ARES Sportswear understand just how difficult these times have been for students, coaches, teachers and administrators, and we want you to know that we’re here for your school when it comes to developing custom face masks that can help boost student morale while masking is necessary.

Below we’ll be going over some of our most popular face mask options that you should keep in mind for your school’s spring semester!

Badger B-Core 3-Ply Mask, $3.99 ea.*

This is a great mask at an even greater price, and it features moisture management polyester and anti-chafe ear loops that stretch for anyone’s size. This is a good mask for students and faculty members because it’s comfortable enough for all-day usage, and it’s also easily washable so each student can have a handful to wear on a weekly basis.

It also comes in 15 different colors, so you can be rest assured that your students are getting the type of customization that they’d prefer!

Badger Performance Activity Mask, $5.49 ea.*

This mask is more oriented towards athletes that need a facial covering during training sessions, and its 83% polyester/17% spandex material makeup makes it a great option for moisture management. This mask provides an additional barrier to an outside environment, which can help coaches feel safer about congregating athletes together during the current COVID surge.

This mask comes in 12 different colors as well, so we’ll have your team’s aesthetics covered!

Badger 3-Ply Sublimated Mask, $8.99 ea.*

This is a really great option for groups of students that are looking for a little more creativity and style with their face masks, and these masks also provide great moisture management and a performance fit that make it good for everyday usage.

This is a washable and reusable mask that every student will love, and this mask has been responsibly designed based upon CDC recommendations.

Under Armour UA Sportsmask, $24.49 ea.*

This face mask from Under Armour truly is one of the most high-performance masks on the market today, and it’s specifically structured for playing sports by providing great breathability and comfort while also remaining water-resistant.

The Polyurethane open-cell foam within this mask allows slight amounts of air through it so athletes can breathe properly, but it also protects athletes by keep unwanted moisture and sweat out. This mask also features an anti-microbial inner layer that helps keep the mask fresh.

And with 6 different color options, you can be sure that your athletes are safe and looking great with this high-quality option!

Tultex FM19 Face Mask, $26.99 ea.*

This is another very high-quality face mask that’s a great option for students, teachers and faculty members of all types. It’s washable and reusable and has a 2-ply cotton construction that features both top and bottom bindings for thorough protection.

This mask will also fit for all ages and facial structures.

Reach Out To ARES Sportswear To Learn More About Our Custom Face Masks!

ARES Sportswear has supported countless schools throughout the country since the start of the pandemic, and we’re committed to support our friends and partners as the Omicron variant affects the current semester.  

Reach out to us online to get in touch with our face mask specialists today to learn more about which masks will work best for you and your unique needs!