Custom Field Hockey Apparel For Your Team’s New Season!

Brook Morris
March 9, 2022

Is your team ready to rock with custom field hockey apparel for the upcoming season yet? ARES Sportswear has you covered!

Custom apparel and spirit wear for field hockey is growing in popularity for ARES Sportswear

Field hockey season is nearly upon us once again, which is always a sign that spring is near and it’s about time to start participating in field sports again! All of us at ARES Sportswear have seen just how far custom field hockey apparel has come in recent years, and it truly is wild to see just how much the sport has grown in a matter of about 15 years!

Today, just about every high school has a field hockey team, and every team deserves a suite of custom apparel to have them looking and feeling great during practices, warm-up sessions and games. Below we’ll be going over some of our most popular field hockey apparel options to help you get your squad prepped and ready for the upcoming season!

Field Hockey Uniforms

Many people aren’t aware of this, but there are actually many different types of field hockey jerseys that provide subtle variations between one another. This can make final purchasing decisions a little bit more complicated when you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for.

But the good news is that the field hockey specialists at ARES will be there for you through every step of the shopping and design process. What’s convenient for field hockey teams is that we offer affordable jersey and short combinations that will fit any team’s budget.

Here are some of our more popular field hockey uniform options:

Field Hockey Warmups & Jackets

Field hockey is a sport that faces harsh elements, which is why it’s important for teams to be fully prepared for harsh weather like rain, sleet, snow, and even hail in some scenarios. The early spring just so happens to be a beautiful and sometimes daunting time of year from a weather standpoint, and field hockey players are out there in the thick of it.

Below are some of our most popular warm-up sets that will work great for your field hockey squad:

Custom Field Hockey Tees

Just like any other sport, field hockey players need some basic t-shirts to practice and workout in as a team. Of course custom tees also go a long way to boost team morale and even get parents more involved with the team as well!

Here are some of our popular t-shirt options for field hockey teams:

Custom Hoodies

Like we mentioned above, field hockey teams are likely going to need to practice and play games in cold weather. This is just the nature of the sport in the early spring months, and it’s why every squad should be equipped with hoodies that help boost team morale!

Some of our most popular custom hoodies include:

Reach Out To Our Apparel Experts To Learn More About Custom Field Hockey Apparel!

ARES Sportswear supports hundreds of field hockey programs across the country each spring, so we know just how important it is for coaches and team organizers to start planning out their apparel campaign when the season is approaching. The good news is that our custom apparel experts will help guide you through these sometimes complicated purchasing decisions, and we’ll make sure that each athlete is given the perfect amount of customization based upon your unique needs.

Contact us online to get in touch with our team today and initiate the first steps for your next field hockey apparel order!