6 Benefits of Upgrading Your Custom Logo Design

Brook Morris
June 10, 2022

Our graphic design experts are here to help you better understand why your custom logo design is so important for long-term success!

custom logo design with our custom apparel

If your school, athletic club or professional brand’s logo needs updating, then it’s likely that you’re going to need to invest in a new, modernized design. But no matter what your reasoning is for updating your custom logo design, the ARES graphic designers are here to support your group’s long-term success!

Below are six of the top reasons why you should consider upgrading your logo’s design:

1. More Accurately Depicting Your Group/Brand’s Character

Every school, sports team and business has its own unique character, and it’s important to ensure that your logo represents how you want people to view you.

It’s possible that your group or target audience has evolved in recent years since you designed your existing logo, or that you want to focus your re-design on a brand new line of products. No matter what your reasons are for a new logo, the main issue people have with logos is that they don’t think it accurately depicts them any longer.

The good news is that the ARES graphic design team will help you incorporate your group’s mission and values within your new logo, and this process requires some internal reflection on your end as well. Some of the questions you should ask yourself during a logo re-design include the following:

  • What’s your group’s mission?
  • What differentiates your company/group?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What do you like about your existing logo, and what do you think should change?
  • What are your group’s values?

Our graphic design team will help you throughout every stage of the re-design process so you can ensure that it’s better aligned with your group’s character!

2. Remaining Consistent Within Every Format

A common struggle that people have with outdated logos is that they’re not in the digital file formats that they need them to be, and this creates discrepancies between different mediums. For instance, your company’s logo should look the exact same on business cards, banners, billboards, your website and custom apparel.

Our design team will utilize state-of-the-art vector graphics that utilize mathematical formulas to guarantee the uniformity of your logo across all formats. This means that you’ll be able to shrink down and enlarge your logo without running the risks of distortion or blurriness.

3. Expanding Your Logo Aesthetics

When you think of the most iconic logo designs like Apple’s logo, you may recognize how their very basic design will often change colors and aesthetics for all sorts of different purposes.

Versatility is a major factor within custom logo design, which is why our design team will help you develop a variety of versions so your logo is ready for light and dark backgrounds. We want your new logo to be ready for anything and everything that you’ll need it for, and this means guaranteeing that it’s identifiable with a variety of aesthetics.

4. Bringing Your Group’s Logo Online

Your logo is going to show up on so much more than just your custom apparel, and the ARES team is here to help your group remain relevant in the digital age by getting your logo ready for your website, social media, banner ads and a lot more.

No one wants an awkwardly-cropped or distorted logo online, and we’ll make sure that you’re provided with many variations of the exact same logo. This subsequently goes a long way to keep your logo design looking great for all your online needs.

5. Updating Your Logo’s Style To New Heights

If your school or group’s logo looks like it was designed last decade, then it’s probably time to give the ARES design team a call.

Certain fonts and colors become naturally dated with time, and this ends up being a much bigger problem when your logo looks out of touch. Our graphic designers are experts when it comes to developing more modernized versions of existing logos, and we’ll be sure to keep the best parts of your existing design while simultaneously implementing modern aesthetics.

6. Improving Recognition & Awareness

Building up your group/brand’s recognition via a high-quality logo simply takes time, but you still have to take the first steps towards investing in a logo that’s worthy of people’s attention!

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