Logo Design Tips When Investing In Custom Embroidery

Brook Morris
August 1, 2022

Custom embroidery requires unique logo designs, and the ARES experts are sharing the basics that you should know!

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One of the most professional ways to imprint your team or company’s logo on apparel garments is through custom embroidery, and this is mainly because custom embroidery is by far the most refined and durable customization method.

When you invest in custom logo embroidery through the ARES Sportswear team, you’ll also be investing in added value to your apparel, legitimacy for business shirts, and prestige for athletic uniforms.

Below we’ll be detailing the logo design basics that coaches and business leaders should keep in mind when interested in designing with embroidery!

Custom Embroidery Logo Basics

It’s crucial to understand custom embroidery logo basics when you’re considering these types of apparel design investments, so here’s an overview detailing what embroidery is and the fundamental steps of these design processes:

What Exactly Is Custom Embroidery?

Embroidery entails logo fabric being directly sewn into the fabric of a garment or other apparel item, and as we all know, the results entail unique customizations. Many teams and groups will use custom embroidery for jackets, polo shirts, dress shirts, beanies/hats, jerseys, and all sorts of other business apparel options.

Custom Embroidery Process Steps

Custom embroidery requires an extensive series of steps, which include the following:

  • Logo design
  • Apparel selections
  • Uploading design files
  • Design proofing checkups
  • Digitizing the artwork
  • Producing the embroidery

Important Factors of Custom Embroidered Logo Designs

There are several factors that everyone needs to carefully consider in order to fully ensure the high-quality results and effectiveness of an embroidered logo design.

Some of these embroidered logo design factors include the following:


Most embroidered logos come in smaller sizes as compared to printed logos, and this is an important factor because it’s absolutely critical to keep achievable details in mind when you’re investing in custom embroidery.

Many small details will not be legible within embroidered logos, which is why our experts will help you narrow down your best, most realistic, design options.

Detail Levels

Custom embroidery simply doesn’t allow for too much detail, which is a drawback that must be taken into consideration. But the major benefits of custom embroidered logos include vibrancy, three-dimensionality, class and durability, so it’s safe to say that the pros far outweigh the cons!

However, it’s always a good idea to avoid small details in your embroidered logo just to make sure it remains as aesthetically pleasing as possible.


It’s also important to understand how certain fonts are better suited for embroidery than others. It’s typically best to utilize bold, simple fonts, as opposed to overly complex, thin fonts.

There are many reasons why sticking with simple fonts is best for your embroidered logos, and our design team will help you figure out which font options will work best for your specifications.


Most custom embroidered logos will utilize a maximum of about 15 different colors, which of course is usually more than enough for most apparel designs. What you’ll want to do is figure out your logo’s primary colors, and then reduce the overall amount of secondary colors as much as you can. This is important because it’ll help you ensure the clearness of your design, while also helping you reduce costs.

It’s also important to note that your embroidered logos will literally become apart of your garments, so your embroidery colors should match well with the apparel you’ve chosen.


It’s hard for gradients to come out well with custom embroidery, but it’s not impossible!

Embroidered gradients do require rather risky, complex design processes (which is why they’re often avoided); but if your logo requires gradients, then it certainly is a good idea to speak with our design team and see how we can make your ideas come to life!

Fabric/Product Selections

Embroidery typically works best on structured products, including jackets, hats, bags, jerseys, etc.

It’s also important to remember that certain fabrics work better with custom embroidery than others, and some compatible fabrics to keep in mind include:

  • Cotton fleece
  • Canvas
  • Thick cotton
  • Synthetic blends
  • And a lot more!

Hoodies and sweatshirts tend to be a really popular option for custom embroidery, but embroidery also works well with more flexible items like activewear and athletic jerseys!

Reach Out To The Design Experts at ARES Sportswear To Learn More About Our Custom Embroidery Options!

Custom embroidery is by far one of the highest-quality logo design options in the entire apparel industry, and ARES Sportswear just so happens to have one of the best embroidery teams in America. Whether you’re an athletic team, a school or a business, our design team will put you in the right direction towards embroidered logos that truly pop and turn heads!

Contact us online to get in touch with the ARES experts today and learn more about how we can support you with our embroidery services!