Football Season Is Officially Back, So It’s Time To Get Your Team Ready!

Brook Morris
August 15, 2022

It’s that time of year again to reload on your custom football apparel to get your team ready for the upcoming fall season!

Football Custom Uniform Header

Pre-season football training is officially upon us, and the first games of the high school football season are just days away! All of us at ARES are excited to see football make its yearly comeback, and we’re prepped and ready to help you get your squad pumped for the upcoming season through our custom football apparel!

Football is the type of sport that’s constantly evolving as teams and coaches come up with new strategies that have never been seen before, and the exact same goes for the technological advancements each year in football apparel. Below are some of the most popular football options that every team needs each season, as well as the eye-popping new styles that have been making waves throughout 2022:

Custom Football Jerseys From ARES Sportswear

Football jerseys have become more streamlined and performance-shaped at the pro and college levels for quite some time, and now countless high school programs are investing in this style to keep their squad looking and feeling great on the field!

What’s great about partnering with ARES for your team’s new jerseys is that we offer the very best combination of quality and affordability through our set deals on state-of-the-art brands and performance technology, including:

Under Armour Instinct Uniform Set Deal, $80.99 ea.*

Under Armour has been a leader in the football apparel industry since their humble beginnings in 1996, and ARES has been a partner with Under Armour as they’ve catapulted themselves to the top of the athletic industry. We knew right away that their unique moisture-wicking technology was the future, and today they’re keeping football teams free of sweat when the going gets tough on the gridiron.

This set deal offers an unparalleled value, and it comes in a large variety of colors to match your school’s logo!

Icon Sports Integrated Football Jersey & Pants Set Deal, $52.49 ea.*

This football jersey set deal is a great option for school programs that are on a tight budget, because it’s about as affordable as the market goes for high-quality, game-ready football apparel!

ARES Adult Hero Jersey & B-Core Short Set Deal, $27.99 ea.*

Your football athletes can’t be wearing their game day jerseys everyday to practice, which is why football programs also need practice jerseys to support pads and keep teams organized.

This combo deal from ARES is an affordable option for every football team that’ll get the job done and keeping your squad looking and feeling confident every time they hone in on their skills!

Football Outerwear For When The Going Gets Tough This Season!

Although it feels nice and warm right now in August, we all know that it’s going to be freezing by the end of this year’s season. That’s why it’s a good time for school programs to start looking ahead by getting their football squads ready for the sudden temperature drops during playoff time in October and November.

Some of our most popular football outerwear options include:

Holloway Potomac Jacket, $57.99 ea.*

Made of 100% polyester MicroCord, this jacket from Holloway is one of the top options for football teams in 2022. It’s incredibly comfortable and can stretch easily, so it’s a good option for athletes waiting their turns to play and when they’re off the field.

This is also a good option for coaching and training personnel, because it looks great and will accommodate the temperature changes throughout the entire season!

Holloway SERIESX Jacket, $48.49 ea.*

This is another great outerwear option from Holloway that works well for both athletes and training staff, and its Micron™ fabric is incredibly popular amongst high school programs in 2022.

This jacket will keep your athletes and coaches warm during even the toughest of weather patterns, including snow and rain. We all know how uncontrollable the weather can be on Friday nights in the fall, so it’s crucial to make sure your team is ready to withstand the elements!

NuBlend Hooded Sweatshirt & Sweatpant Set Deal, $34.99 ea.*

Football players know just how important comfy lounge apparel is more than just about any other athletes, because nothing feels better to wear after tough football practices than flip-flops, sweatpants and hoodies!

And coming in at under $35 for a set deal, your program really can’t do much better than this combo from NuBlend!

Custom Football Tank Tops For Weightlifting & Fitness Training

Tank tops have been a steady mainstay for high school teams across America for decades, and it makes sense, too. Tank tops are the perfect shirts for when your team is lifting weights, or doing fitness and agility exercises.

Some of our most popular football tank tops include:

Badger B-Core Sleeveless Tee, $9.49 ea.*

This tank top from Badger features a self-fabric collar and paneled shoulders to maintain an athlete’s full range of motion. The moisture-wicking and antimicrobial technology on this tank makes it a perfect option for performance workouts, and it’s perfectly designed to accommodate any team logos!

Badger B-Core Sleeveless Hood Tee, $12.99 ea.*

Sleeveless hoodies embody a retro style from the 80s that’s gaining notoriety in 2022, and this hoodie from Badger is particularly special for its moisture-wicking and antimicrobial performance fabrics.

So this is another great tank top option for your football team for when the weather is starting to turn this fall.

Are You Ready To Get Your Football Apparel Customized? The ARES Design Team Is Ready To Help Bring Your Football Apparel Dreams To Reality!

When you feel like you’ve figured out which specific products would work best for your school’s football program, you’ll then reach out to our design experts to begin customizing your school logo to really make your football apparel turn heads!

At ARES Sportswear, we’ve helped football programs all across America for nearly 30 years, so we’ve seen just how far football apparel has come in recent years. Our design studio is ready for you to play around with and see what you think works best, and our design specialists will ensure that everything works out to meet your expectations.

Contact us online to get in touch with our football apparel and design specialists today to learn more about how we can get your team ready for the upcoming fall season!