2022 Back-To-School Essentials: Custom Apparel, Backpacks & More!

Brook Morris
August 22, 2022

Back-to-school season is upon us, so it’s time for parents and school administrations to keep their students in mind!

Gildan 5000 T-Shirts on School Team

August has finally arrived again, which means that schools all across America will be beginning their fall semesters in the coming days and weeks ahead. This is an exciting time for all students, teachers and school administrators, and the ARES experts are here to help you start this school year off on the right track.

Back-to-school trends are always changing from year to year, and in 2022 there are some new styles to keep in mind. Below we’ll be going over our back-to-school essentials list that you should keep in mind!

Every Student-Athlete Needs A High-Quality Backpack

Although it’s blatantly obvious that every student will arrive to class with some kind of backpack, it’s important to remember that student-athletes are likely going to arrive to school with two or more backpacks to properly store all their gear during class hours.

Helping your athletes safely store their equipment and keep themselves organized is important for every school, and below are some of the backpacks to keep in mind for your school’s teams this fall:

Nike Brasilia Backpack, $49.49 ea.*

This is a 100% polyester backpack that’s incredibly versatile for both high school and college athletes, and this is mainly due to the spacious compartments that can fit both athletic apparel and school gear all at once!

The water-resistant, padded sleeve on this backpack is also great for storing smaller laptops that students typically use.

Champro Players’ Premier Backpack, $35.99 ea.*

What’s really great about this backpack from Champro is that it has large compartments that can fit balls, gloves, apparel, shoes and a lot more. So it’s a great option for basketball and soccer players that want to store their personal ball, and separate their valuable footwear from the rest of their stuff.

This backpack features 600D water-resistant polyester, so it’s the type of pack that’ll last your athletes for several years!

Rawlings R600 Player’s Team Backpack, CLEARANCE SALE $19.99 ea.*

This is a great backpack for baseball, lacrosse and hockey teams because of the two straps on either side of the pack. This is also one of our very best deals that we’re currently offering on backpacks, so act fast to get this clearance offer for your squad!

It’s Time For High Schools To Start Planning Their Senior T-Shirts!

It’s always an exciting moment when a high school puts their seniors in the spotlight with class t-shirts, and this is the time of year to start building up school spirit and getting your seniors excited about their last year together.

We’ve helped countless high schools across the country when it comes to designing senior t-shirts, and our motto is to invest in shirts that you know your seniors will enjoy wearing! Some of our most popular options for class shirts include:

Sport-Tek® Youth PosiCharge® Competitor™ Tee, $5.99 ea.*

This is a great senior t-shirt option because it’s very affordable and offers a ton of features that young people love. Some of these features include that it’s moisture-wicking, highly breathable, roomy and lightweight.

This shirt only weighs 3.8 ounces and is 100% polyester, and it’s a comfortable option that comes in dozens of colors to match your senior class’ aesthetics!

Port & Company® Fan Favorite™ Tee, $6.49 ea.*

This is a very comfortable shirt that’s 100% ring-spun cotton and only weighs 4.5 ounces. It’s an affordable option for all high schools needing a base for their senior class shirts, and it comes in a wide variety of colors to match your school’s logo.

Gildan DryBlend 50/50 Cotton/Poly T-Shirt, $7.99 ea.*

Gildan’s DryBlend technology is incredibly moisture-wicking, which is great when you want your seniors to feel comfortable all day long while wearing their class shirts.

This is a great option for high schools all over the country, and it’s an unbeatable value for all the t-shirt technology you get in return!

Don’t Forget That Back-To-School Applies To Your Staff & Teachers, Too!

It’s not just students and athletes that need to keep back-to-school trends in mind, because teachers and staff members should also be prioritized with custom apparel options as well.

Some of our most popular custom school staff and teacher shirts include:

Red House Nailhead Non-Iron Shirt, $44.99 ea.*

This is a crisp, button-up shirt that will help keep your teachers and staff maintaining a professional appearance on the job, and its wrinkle-resistant finish will make cleaning and upkeep a lot easier on your staff.

This is a great option for every school that wants to help their teachers stand out amongst students, which can be a major confidence booster for your beloved teachers!

Holloway Prism Bold Polo, $28.49 ea.*

This is another great option for teachers and school staff members, because it’s a lightweight polo that looks and feels great. This polo also features 50+ UPF, so it’s the perfect option for the early fall and spring months when the temperatures are high!

Port Authority Ladies Interlock Cardigan, $26.99 ea.*

Although it may seem too warm to wear a cardigan in August, this is a good time of year for schools to plan ahead with their next apparel orders for their teachers and staff members. This lightweight cardigan from Port Authority is a really cozy option that’ll keep your school’s staff feeling warm and comfortable as the winter season soon approaches.

Consider Some Of Our Popular Bestsellers For Your Back-To-School Orders!

There are a lot of different types of apparel that schools and athletic programs are going to need this fall semester, so it’s crucial to keep an open mind about all the products you may need as the weather starts to get colder.

It’s never too early to begin preparing your back-to-school apparel orders, and the following bestsellers are always worth considering:

Under Armour Locker ¼ Zip, $34.99 ea.*

Although this is a great training shirt for all sorts of athletes, it’s also a good option for your school’s coaching staff. This ¼ zip is one of Under Armour’s most popular products for a reason, and it’ll keep your school’s coaches looking sharp on the sidelines this fall.

Under Armour Locker 2.0 Tee, $20.99 ea.*

Every athlete needs a high-quality, moisture-wicking shirt to train in, and Under Armour is the cream of the crop when it comes to athletic apparel technology.

This shirt from Under Armour is by far one of our bestsellers, so make sure your teams get theirs before they begin running out of stock!

ARES Sportie Hoodie, $19.99 ea.*

It may be blisteringly hot in August, but the colder months of the year are quickly approaching. This makes now a great time of year to begin preparing your school’s custom hoodie orders, and there really isn’t a better deal on the custom apparel market than our very own sportie hoodie!

The sportie hoodie is 80% polyester and 20% cotton, giving it the perfect blend of performance and comfort. And when you factor in its unbeatable price, there truly isn’t a better option for high school athletic programs!

Reach Out To The ARES Apparel Experts To Learn How We Can Support Your Back-To-School Needs!

ARES Sportswear has supported schools throughout Ohio and the entire country since the 90s, so we know how to get your apparel orders designed and delivered in a timely fashion to meet your busy back-to-school schedules.

Our industry specialists are always available to you whenever you have any questions about your next orders, so feel free to contact us online to get your school ready for another great year ahead!