How Long Do Waterproof Jackets Last?

Brook Morris
October 3, 2022

Waterproofs jackets are incredibly popular for their versatility and durability, but that doesn’t mean they’ll last forever!

Sport Tek Waterproof Jackets

Whether your team trains outdoors frequently, or you work outdoors on a regular basis, there are plenty of reasons why people love waterproof jackets. All of the best athletes and coaches understand that inclement weather shouldn’t be an impediment of training sessions, because it actually presents a good opportunity to practice good old mental toughness!

At ARES Sportswear, we offer a wide selection of high-quality waterproof jackets that are suitable for athletes and coaching staffs for all outdoor sports. We also offer great waterproof jackets for outdoor enthusiasts like skiers and hikers that need extra protection throughout prolonged periods in the elements.

But it’s important for everyone to remember that waterproof jackets typically only last around 10 years even with proper upkeep and care, and this still depends upon how much you’ll actually wear the jacket. Below we’re providing more details about the longevity of these highly-coveted jackets!

What Exactly Are Waterproof Jackets?

Waterproof jackets are jackets that feature special polymer layers that are combined within the fabric layers of a jacket’s outer shell. These polymer layers are great when it comes to protecting the jacket from scratches and abrasions, and of course keeping people dry when it starts raining or snowing.

Some waterproof jackets will provide extra insulation for colder weather, and others will be thin shell layers for rainy days during the summer. Waterproof jackets come on all different designs and styles, and the ARES team can help you better understand which type of jacket will match your team’s unique needs!

The Importance of DWR Coating

Most waterproof jackets in today’s athletic apparel industry will feature a DWR coating, which stands for Durable Water Repellant. DWR is one of the most popular polymer coatings in today’s marketplace, and this is because it’s incredibly effective at beading and rolling moisture off a jacket so that the wearer remains dry no matter how hard it’s raining or snowing.

But what’s important for coaches and athletes to remember is that DWR coatings eventually do wear off, which means a jacket that was once completely waterproof will end up feeling damp even if the water still beads off.

Athletes Can Get Many Years Of Use When Properly Taking Care Of Waterproof Jackets

When you take good care of your waterproof jackets, they should keep their full functionality for around five or more years. These jackets can also remain completely waterproof for upwards of ten years when they’re stored correctly and not worn too much.

But as people wear their waterproof jackets more often, the DWR coating will more quickly break down. However, the great news is that there are plenty of waterproofing products out there that can help you reapply a new polymer coating to your jackets, or any garments that you want to be more waterproof.

Although your jacket may not be quite as great as it originally was, there are many great products like Nikwax’s Tech Wash that can prolong the lifetime of your favorite waterproof jackets!

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