What To Keep In Mind While Shopping for Hi-Vis Running Apparel

Brook Morris
October 17, 2022

Every athlete needs to train when it’s convenient, which often means needing hi-vis running apparel for evening jogs!

Badger Compression Gear on girl running up stairs

Every athlete understands just how important it is to run on a consistent basis, and even parents and coaches are often running enthusiasts that see this basic form of exercise as one of the toughest out there!

But as we all know too well, our lives are busy schedules that don’t always provide a decent window to go for a jog during daylight hours. This is exactly why ARES offers a wide variety of hi-vis running apparel, because we know how evening and nighttime hours are where athletes get their extra training edge.

And when it comes to safety, hi-vis running gear does a great job at making people much more visible for drivers and others when it’s 100% necessary. We all know that nighttime running is fun, but this type of fun needs to be handled responsibly.

Below we’ll be going over what you should keep in mind while shopping for hi-vis running apparel!

Types of Hi-Vis Materials

There are technically two main types of hi-vis apparel materials, including high-visibility materials and reflective materials:

Hi-Vis Materials

Hi-vis running apparel will often feature bright, contrasting colors that make the runner a lot more visible to others in the surrounding area. But of course hi-vis apparel doesn’t only appeal to nighttime runners, because many outdoor workers and construction crew members need to wear hi-vis apparel while out on roadway sites.

And when it comes to runners, hi-vis apparel is also a good option during the day when it’s raining, late afternoon, or even in the early morning. What’s great about the hi-vis apparel from ARES is that it’s incredibly breathable, moisture-wicking and very resilient. A lot of our running apparel offers compression or tighter fits, so you don’t need to worry about any annoying flopping while you’re catching your stride!

Reflective Materials

Reflective running apparel is a little bit different as compared to hi-vis options, and it’s always ready to go when the lighting is low. But of course most athletes want reflective apparel that doesn’t make them look like they just clocked out of a construction project, which is why high-performance fabrics are now widely being utilized for reflective running gear.

The main goal for reflective running apparel is to guarantee that the clothing’s material will flash lights back in the opposite direction from a car’s headlights. This of course helps drivers to see runners from very far away, which makes low-light workouts a lot safer for runners of all ages!

Types of Hi-Vis Running Gear

It’s also important for shoppers to know what their options are when it comes to hi-vis running gear, because there certainly is a lot to choose from! What’s important to keep in mind is that your hi-vis or reflective gear should be thoroughly sided, which means that drivers and other people will see you from all sides.

Below are some options to keep in mind when shopping for hi-vis running gear:

Shorts, Pants, Shirts, Vests and Sports Bras

Just about all of your workout apparel can come in hi-vis or reflective materials, and it really is safest for nighttime runners to coordinate full ensembles to ensure their safety.

The key with these apparel options is to make sure your gear is well-equipped for the climate or season you’re in. It’s likely that you’ll want to get both summer and winter running gear to maintain your nighttime running hobby!

Hats & Skullcaps

Reflective hats are really great for nighttime runners because they do a wonderful job at helping drivers see you from long distances. Skull caps are essentially thin beanies that are great for cold weather workouts, because they’ll keep you warm while also wicking away the sweat that’ll inevitably build up in your hair.

Headlamps & Clip-On Lights

As much as your apparel will help you be seen by drivers, it’s always safest to also run at night with a headlamp and even clip-on lights so people can clearly see that they’re approaching you from all directions. These lights are usually very lightweight, which makes them convenient options for all athletes.

We all want our evening and nighttime jogs to be invigorating and exciting, and keeping your safety as a top priority will give you the peace of mind that you need to push yourself to the limit!

ARES Sportswear Offers A Wide Selection of Reflective & Hi-Vis Running Apparel!

ARES Sportswear offers a great selection of reflective and hi-vis running apparel that’s great for athletes of all types.

Our design specialists will be there for you when you’re looking to equip your entire team with hi-vis gear, and you can always check out our Design Studio to see how things will look all on your own.

Contact us online to get in touch with our team today and let us know what type of hi-vis athletic apparel will be best for your needs!