Five Tips To Have Your Custom T-Shirts Turning Heads!

Brook Morris
November 7, 2022

Every school and team wants their custom t-shirts to stand out, and below are five tips from our design experts to take your shirts to a new level!

custom t-shirts for school groups

Designing and printing custom t-shirts is always a fun thing for every school and athletic team to do, but it’s always important to make sure that your team’s shirts look and feel great.

We all want to wear shirts that draw in people’s attention and turns heads, which is why it’s so important to make the most of our design experts while you’re going through the shirt customization process. Our specialists will always be there for you when you have questions or aren’t quite sure what will work best for your team’s needs, and we’ll also help guarantee that your new shirts look great.

Below are five easy tips to keep in mind when it comes to making the most of your custom t-shirts and ensuring that they get the attention the deserve!

Choose A High-Quality T-Shirt Type

This tip is of course very subjective and based around your team’s unique needs and budget, but there are some growing t-shirt trends that should be taken into account while you’re narrowing down your top options.

A lot of teams these days are choosing to invest in shirts that feature a pigment wash, which creates a worn, retro look that a lot of people love. Tie-dye and camo print shirts are also popular options that always do a great job at standing out!

Choose An Exciting Color Combination Between Your Printed Graphics And T-Shirts

There are a million different color combinations that your team can implement with your custom t-shirts, but it always goes a long way when you utilize a multi-color design.

If you’re trying to draw in people’s attention with your new shirts, then your graphic/base color combo is a huge factor to get right. Our design specialists will help you when it comes to working with your existing logo and team colors, and ultimately getting the specific look you’re going for!

Add Some Shine

Another great technique to keep in mind when it comes to turning heads with your custom shirts is combining ink colors with foil and other shiny materials that extenuate the logo/text on your shirt.

There are many design elements you can implement that make standard inks stand out much better, and this type of design enhancement will always speak for itself when it comes to adding some extra shine that people will surely notice!

Adding Some Sparkle Can Also Be A Great Touch

There are plenty of teams out there that can benefit from a touch of sparkle, which usually comes in the form of glitter ink. Countless cheer squads use this design technique to help their uniforms and spiritwear stand out, and other school apparel can be good options for this aesthetic touch.

Our design specialists have years of experience combining ink colors with glitter ink, so you can count on our expertise when it comes to making this design technique look perfect!

Custom Embroidery

Although custom embroidery often is associated with higher prices as compared to screen printing, this isn’t always necessarily the case. But what embroidery always does is increase a t-shirt’s perceived value.

Investing in custom embroidery with ARES is a great option for any team that wants to upgrade their t-shirt designs in subtle ways. Our design experts will also let you know when certain alterations of your existing logo design may be necessary in order to invest in our embroidery art services.

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ARES Sportswear has helped countless teams, schools and businesses when it comes to developing high-quality, custom t-shirts that everyone loves. We understand how important it is to get these designs right the first time, and our design team will always be there for you when you have questions or concerns that need to be addressed.

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