Branded Apparel Ideas For Your School Or Company’s Holiday Gifts!

Brook Morris
November 28, 2022

Everyone loves fresh branded apparel, so here are some ideas if you’re planning holiday giveaways at your school or business!

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It’s that time of year again when we’re all thinking about getting gifts for our friends, classmates and co-workers. And for school administrators and business leaders, investing in branded apparel is a great opportunity to provide fun gifts that also contribute to marketing and school spirit initiatives.

ARES Sportswear has helped countless schools and businesses when it comes to branded apparel campaigns, and we know how this type of apparel makes awesome gifts for everyone.

Below we’ll be detailing some branded apparel ideas that you should keep in mind as you prepare for your school or company’s holiday gift giveaways!

What Makes Certain Types of Branded Apparel Better Than Others?

Branded apparel giveaways come in all shapes and sizes, but creating high-quality branded apparel that people actually want can be a lot easier said than done.

The good news is that you’re only a few clicks away from speaking with some of the best custom apparel designers in America through the ARES design team, and our experts have decades of experience when it comes to developing branded apparel campaigns that create meaningful and long-lasting impacts.

Some of the common ways that certain branded apparel is better than others include the following:

  • Wide appeal: Especially if you’re planning on gifting your branded apparel for the holidays, it’s going to need to be something that most people would enjoy receiving.
  • High-quality value: High-quality apparel is worn more often, kept longer, and passed on to more wearers. So making the most of your branded apparel’s exposure means making the most of your apparel’s overall quality.
  • Branding modesty: When it comes to branded apparel of any kind, minimalism usually works best. This means it’s typically best to avoid massive logos and sensory-overloaded colors/designs.

Branded Apparel Ideas For Your School Or Business

Below we’ve carefully selected a handful of branded apparel options that will work great for your school or company’s promotional giveaways this Holiday Season:

Screenprinted T-Shirts

There’s no doubt about it that the fan favorite of any branded apparel is the classic custom t-shirt. If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that wearing a fun t-shirt looks and feels great.

The ARES team just so happens to offer one of the best selections of custom t-shirts in today’s athletic apparel industry, and our industry experts will help you decide which t-shirt works best for your unique needs and budget.

Embroidered Hats

Another really fun Holiday gift idea for your students or colleagues is embroidered hats. As much as other hat designs would work well for branded apparel campaigns, there’s something about the high-quality texture of custom embroidery that improves a hat’s overall aesthetics.

So embroidery definitely is the way to go with all of your custom hats, and the ARES team has some of the best embroidery technology in the country!

Custom Hoodies

It’s that time of year when everyone needs a solid hoodie to stay warm, which is why custom hoodies are a good option for any holiday giveaway or flash sale.

Branded hoodies are also a great way to showcase your school or business all over your local community, because people will wear their new hoodies just about everywhere during the winter months!

Embroidered Beanies

Just like with embroidered hats, embroidered beanies are another great holiday gift option. People simply need a high-quality beanie in colder climates this time of year, so why not give them a beanie that reps your school or company?

And one thing that’s great about beanies is that people usually could use one more. No one likes wearing the same beanie everyday, so offering a customized option can help boost people’s winter wardrobes!

Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are usually great options for teachers and business professionals when it comes to holiday sales and giveaways, and custom polo shirts have always been a go-to option for businesses everywhere. There’s something about a polo’s professional, yet casual appearance that blends perfectly for any industry’s aesthetics.

Embroidered Jackets

Because we’re entering the heart of the winter season, it’s also a good idea for schools and businesses to add jackets into their winter apparel lines. And if you’re going to add a jacket as a part of your team or school’s online store, you might as well go all out and provide high-quality, embroidered logos.

Custom embroidery always goes so much further on jackets as compared to screenprinting, because it makes everyone feel a little bit more official.

Reach Out To The ARES Team To Learn How We Can Boost Your School Or Company’s Branded Apparel This Holiday Season!

ARES Sportswear has been a branded apparel leader for nearly 30 years, so our team will be there for your school or business when you’re looking to spice things up this Holiday Season.

Reach out to us online to get in touch with our design team today and begin the first steps towards your next branded apparel order!